Mount Desert Island Marathon Team

Join the Operation Jack Mount Desert Island Marathon Team with a fundraising commitment of just $100 (less than the cost of an entry!) and you’ll receive a free entry to the race, two pasta dinner tickets an Operation Jack tech shirt and a special gift. It might sound too good to be true, but it’s for real! The Operation Jack theory on this is two-fold:

1. A $100 target is about as low as you’ll find for a marathon or half-marathon with free entry anywhere. It’s not intimidating or stressful, and a funny thing happens when aiming for $100 … you accidentally hit $200! Worst case, if you don’t raise anything, you can make a donation that’s less than what it would cost you to register for the race. If you’re planning on running the race, there’s no risk! We’re very casual about this and don’t have deadlines or pressure. Operation Jack has raised more than $300,000 since 2009 using goodwill and on-your-honor as the primary philosophy. That’s never going to change. Join the team now and we’ll give you the free entry code now. You can participate in the marathon, half-marathon or marathon relay. And we’re not going to ask you for a credit card as a guarantee!

2. Operation Jack raises money solely to donate money to autism-related charities in need across the country. By forming a team like this and using a budget to fund race entries for team members, a would-be donation multiplies when fundraising is successful. In 2014, Operation Jack could have donated $1,000 to its two beneficiaries in Maine. However, the race entries led to $1,000 in goal commitments and the 10 team members combined to raise $4,000.

It’s a win-win situation. You race for free and a pair of autism charities benefit. Run for free and with purpose at MDI this year!

In 2015, we’ll take up to 20 members on the Operation Jack MDI team. The fundraising minimum will be $100, all participants will receive a free entry, two tickets to the pasta dinner the night before the race and a to-be-determined gift. The beneficiaries will again be Autism Society of Maine and Therapeutic Horse (formerly Springy Pond Farms). 90% of everything raised will stay in Maine and be split by those two organizations. The remaining 10% will benefit the Operation Jack Autism Foundation, which works to help small autism-related charities in need all across the country.

Join The Team!

Contact Operation Jack Founder Sam Felsenfeld at for the race entry code and information on setting up your fundraising site!


Team History


These one-of-a-kind paintings depicting a landmark tree on the MDI course feature a bio of the artist on the back.
These one-of-a-kind paintings depicting a landmark tree on the MDI course feature a bio of the artist on the back.

The 2014 Operation Jack Mount Desert Island Marathon Team consisted of 10 runners who, despite having a fundraising minimum of just $100, combined to raise $4,000 to benefit two Maine autism-related charities — Autism Society of Maine and Springy Pond Farms.

All participants received a race entry, compliments of Operation Jack, along with a special painting custom-made by residents of L’Arche Mobile, a group home for developmentally disabled adults in Alabama.