It's Satellite Season!

It’s been a looonnnnnnggggg time since I’ve blogged. If you could take my life, stick it in a blender, add in about 30 ingredients and then mix it at the highest speed for, say, three months, the result would be me, right here, right now. Fighting autism is still a big passion of mine, as it was last year when I ran 61 marathons to raise money for Train 4 Autism.

The last of those 61 marathons was the Operation Jack Marathon, which was intended to be a one-time race but went over so well that we’ve turned it into an annual event and you can participate no matter where you are!

Satellite Runs

As a lot of you might remember, I had satellite runs as a fundraiser to benefit Train 4 Autism. For $35, I sent out the race medal and the t-shirt and y’all helped a great cause. It’s hard to fundraise, but it’s a touch easier when I can offer something in return. I ended up with more that 200 of you in 45 states and five countries participating to benefit T4A!

Well this year, I’m doing it again, but this time, it’s going to be better. First, we have custom diecast medals with a dog tag theme. They’re “real” medals, but they’re designed like dog tags. Instead of a ribbon, we went with a ball chain to keep the theme! Also, we’re including the race/satellite shirt, plus a pair of socks and sweatbands from Celliant. They’ve thrown their support behind us, which I really appreciate. As a quick plug, I’ve been running in their socks and they’re pretty comfortable plus they wick sweat really well. I’ve run in them in my past two marathons (as odd as this sounds, that covers six months!) and I haven’t come close to blistering.

One more thing — if you build a team of five people for a satellite run, we’ll send you a $25 gift card for Starbucks for after the run (you need to have the team by December 16 to make sure we get everything out on time).

So, to recap, for $35, here’s what you’re getting:
– A huge thank you for your support of Train 4 Autism and Operation Jack
– A 4-inch, custom diecast medal commemorating your satellite run (you’ll never get a medal like this in a $35 event!)
– The official race/satellite run t-shirt
– A pair of Celliant running socks and sweatbands
– A cup of coffee and a muffin at Starbucks

Can’t argue with that value for $35, plus you’ll be supporting a great cause!

Satellite Runs

OJ Northwest Run

Last year, a friend of mine, Steve Walters, put on a timed race on the same day as the Operation Jack Marathon to help support the cause. The event was a huge success, so he’s doing it again. It’s up in the Portland, Oreg., area, so if you’re anywhere near there, check it out! I ran a race he put on last year and he does a great job as a race director. Super nice guy, thinks everything through and knows what runners like — he’s run more than 100 marathons!


Satellite Marathon — Houston

John Strohmeyer wanted to participate, but he wanted to go beyond just registering as a satellite runner. He wanted to put on his own race! So, he’s doing that in the Houston area. If that’s your neck of the woods, CLICK HERE and check out what he’s doing. Oh, and join him, of course!

Operation Jack Marathon

And of course, there’s the actual race itself, the Operation Jack Marathon in Manhattan Beach, Calif. As of the time I wrote this blog (December 11), there were fewer than 40 of 300 available spots open. We’re going to sell out the race, which I’m excited about. If you’ve been planning to register but putting it off, PLEASE don’t bank on last-minute or walkup registration. I’m not certain we’re going to be able to accommodate that and we’re getting a lot of people finding the race online and registering. CLICK HERE and get it done and make sure you get in the race!

So that’s pretty much it. Sorry I haven’t been too active on the blogging, but my world has been crazy for the past few months. I still do what I can to help Train 4 Autism though, and I’m really hoping you can make it an annual tradition to join me!





  1. says

    Sorry to hear life has been rough for you. As if you don’t already have enough challenges. Hope 2012 will be a better year for you and your family!

    I’m signed up for the satellite run. Going to do it in Kansas instead of Kuwait this year!

  2. Denise says

    I can’t wait to come out and run (the half)
    on Monday. As soon as I read about last years race from a few local running bloggers I was in!

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